Automobile Engineering:-----What does LXI, VXI, ZXI mean in cars?

Automobile Engineering:-----What does LXI, VXI, ZXI mean in cars?

Almost all car manufacturers have different variants available for the same car.

The car looks the same but will have different features inside and outside.

Maruthi uses L, V, Z alphabets. and their petrol and diesel variants are identified by XI and DI respectively.

Maruthi: LXI, VXI, ZXI or LDI, VDI, ZDI

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In Honda, E, S, SV, V, VX are the variants and AT means the automatic transmission and CVT means continuous variable transmission. so if a model says VCVT that means that the variant is and it has a CVT transmission in it.
In Honda cars, petrol and diesel is identified by the separate markings iVTEC and iDTECrespectively

These are the different trim levels which are found in Maruti Suzuki vehicles.
Trim refers to the items that can be added to the interior and exterior of an automobile to increase its appeal.

XI denotes petrol engine
LXI is for lower variant cars
VXI includes basic features like ac, power steering  etc
ZXI includes all the high-end features like ABS, Airbags, music player etc.

It is used for differentiating car models in Maruti Suzuki.
XI -  Petrol car
DI -  Diesel car
L -  Base model
V -  Full option model
Z -  Added features model

LXI is a base model Petrol car.
VXI is a full option Petrol car.
ZXI is an added features Petrol car

The same goes for LDI,  VDI,  ZDI. The only change is that it's a diesel car.

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