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Top 10 Video Editing Software 2016

Top 10 Video Editing Software 2016

Cyberlink PowerDirector


Its intuitive workflows and powerful tools may be second to none. And it’s this excellent design that promises satisfaction to any casual or professional video editor.
Pros: A well-balanced suite that isn’t a headache to casual users or too simple for experts, PowerDirector is easy to use without sacrificing the precision and functionality of its tools.
Cons: The software isn’t accessible to Apple interfaces and users.

Corel Video Studio

If one wishes to create professional-looking movies, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 has more than enough editing tools and capabilities to let one do so.

Pros: The software simplifies the entire video editing process into capture, edit, and share – good news especially to beginners in video editing.

Cons: In comparison to other video editing software, this suit doesn’t have an extensive library of effects and transition.

Adobe Premiere Elements

A user-friendly and powerful video editing software that can elevate the work of even the most inexperienced users as well as educate them, Adobe sure is a brand that knows what its users want.

Pros: Provides enhancement tools and on-the-job training that teaches users the fundamentals of video editing.

Cons: While the software may be a blessing to casual users, professional editors may find its workflow oversimplified.

Sony Vegas Pro

One of the original and best video editing programs ever released. Overtime Sony has updated Sony Vegas to include lots of professional video editing tools
Pros: Very advanced software that is more than capable of producing production quality video
Cons: Sony vegas is one of the more expensive video editing software suites

Roxio Creator

Roxio Creator NXT has more than just video editing tools. In fact, each of its components is a stand-alone product.

Pros: Its entire digital creative suite has tools to edit video, audio, images, and more – what more can a user ask for?

Cons: Although one will have every necessary tool to finish a basic project, it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features to take the output to the next level.

Pinnacle Studio

 For simple projects, this suite may suffice. However, if the user intends to add many clips that overlap one another, Pinnacle Studio may not be able to keep up.

Pros: It comes with thousands of transitions and effects as well as themes to go with the movie creation.

Cons: The help and support for this suite isn’t as effective or prompt as the other software

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite

 Custom menus, excellent sound, and a handful of transitions and effects is what this software puts on the table so users can come up with movies that seem like they were made by the pros.

Pros: Comes with additional DVD and audio software.

Cons: A support plan has to be purchased before the user can avail of customer service.

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