Two-Watt TBA820M AF Amplifier

Here is a simple AF amplifier project based on TBA820M IC. This amplifier can deliver two-watt output power with 8-ohm speaker using a 12V power supply.

A 3-16V battery or an AC/DC adaptor can be used to power this circuit. Author’s prototype is shown in fig.

Circuit and working

Fig. 2: Circuit diagram of the two-watt TBA820M AF amplifier
Circuit diagram of the two-watt TBA820M AF amplifier is shown in Fig. 2. An 8-ohm, 2W loudspeaker is connected to output pin 5 of IC1 through C5.
Pin 8 (ripple rejection) is connected to +Vcc through C6. Also, C7 is connected to positive and ground for noise filtering
For input and output connections, you may use 2-pin connectors. This will make the project neat and clean for easy connections.
After assembling the circuit, calibrate the circuit. For calibration, connect a 12V battery. First, check correct polarity of the power supply and then switch on S1. Then, connect the speaker to output of the circuit. Set potmeter VR1 to its mid position.

Take a small screwdriver and gently touch input pin 3 of TBA820M. You will hear a humming sound from the speaker if the circuit is working. Connect audio source like MP3 player or mobile phone at CON1. Adjust volume control VR1 until you get a loud and clear sound.

Build by

Raj K. Gorkhali