100% free Windows Screen recording software of 2018

100% free Windows Screen recording software of 2018  

After trying lots of different screen recording software like (CamStudio, icecream screen recording, video screen recorder and etc.)

I found always a problem with them like format issue and majorly watermark problems.
So I start to search 100% free software for screen recording.
Finally, I got OBS studio.
OBS studio is the best software for screen recording because of three reasons.
1) how format file issue

2) no watermark issue

3) no recording time duration issue.

In OBS studio you can record in 6 formats like

( MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS, and m348)
You can set output resolution on 19 20x1080 pixels (most recommended setting)
The installation process and setup process are so easy so that it saves your time and operating of this software become more flexible when you set, start recording on backspace bar and stop recording on entering bar of the keyboard.
I recommend you to use this software instead of all paid software and create great learning stuff.
So, don't waste your money and time just download it for your great videos.